When to Visit

The water levels along the sections of the Orange River where the majority of the activities, campsites and so on are found remain fairly consistent throughout the year, thanks to the regulation of water flow from the two dams upstream.

So in terms of getting the most out of the river, there is no bad time to visit.

Having said that, different seasons have different benefits.

Spring (roughly September to November) and autumn (roughly March to May) are generally considered the best times to visit by those in the know; the weather is a little cooler than the blistering summer months and there tends to be less people around.

December and January are usually the hottest months and also tend to be the busiest time of year, especially when the Varsity and school holidays kick in.

But if the crowds and the heat don’t phase you, the festive season brings more of a party atmosphere to the river and can be a good time to book for big and boisterous Christmas or New Year group trips.

Whenever you might choose to visit the Orange River, you are guaranteed a great holiday!