For South Africans crossing the border onto the Namibian side of the Orange River, no visa is required. You just stamp out of South Africa and stamp in on the Namibian side; DON’T stamp out of Namibia on the way back: when returning to South Africa the last stamp in your passport should be your entry into Namibia.

For anyone crossing the border on an EU passport, three month tourist visas are issued directly at the border.

The same applies to a large number of non-EU passport holders too. Please see here.

When filling out your immigration form at the border, please make sure you have stated your Orange River accommodation address so that you will not be charged for road tax, as you will not be using the main roads.

If crossing the border from South Africa in your vehicle (whether bought or hired), be sure to have a ZA sticker on the back. Fines are sometimes issued for failing to do so.