The course of the Orange River is almost completely malaria free, so anti-malarials shouldn’t be required, though be sure to check any other areas you might be visiting before or after the Orange River.

Even though they are malaria free, mosquitoes are rife along much of the Orange River, especially during the hotter months, and deterrents are strongly recommended to ensure a better night’s sleep if nothing else.

Medical Advice for Adventure Trips

Anyone looking to do some kayaking, river rafting or any of Orange River’s other great adventure activities is advised to carry a basic first aid kit with them, though operators will have their own supplies and guides are experienced in first aid in case of an emergency.

Personal kits should include plasters and sterile dressings, sterile wipes, antiseptic cream, anti-diarrhoea remedy and re-hydration salts.

For campers, water purification tablets are also highly recommended and be sure to regularly wash your hands with bottled or purified water, especially before eating.

The sun can be incredibly strong along the Orange River; if you value your skin, be sure to pack some serious sun cream and a good hat.

Personal medical insurance will be required for all adventure activities on the Orange River.

Medical Facilities

There are a number of medical centres and doctors in the town of Upington; there are also hospitals and clinics further west at Kakamas, Keimos, Pofadder, Springbok  and Aussenkehr. As wild as much of the Orange River might be, you’re never too far from medical assistance if needed.

All lodges and tour operators will also be able to provide basic medical assistance such as first aid and transport to other medical facilities if/when required.