Getting There

Getting to Orange River is easier than you might expect, considering how remote much of the river’s course may seem.

While there are no direct international flights to Upington, short domestic services run to the river’s main town from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

If you prefer to do it the good old fashioned overland way, access to most of the popular lodges and campsites along the river is pretty straightforward by road, and traffic certainly shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

The majority of accommodation, amenities and activities providers are found somewhere around the South African-Namibian border town of Vioolsdrift.

From Cape Town, this is a fairly easy 670km drive straight along the N7 headed north towards Springbok and then beyond following signs to Vioolsdrift.

From Johannesburg, it’s almost double the distance (1274km) but the route is just as easy: cruise along the N14 out of the city right through to Springbok and then jump onto the N7 for the final 115kms to Vioolsdrift.

The N14 also takes you via Upington, so from here onwards the same route applies: N14 for 387km until you get to Springbok, then N7 to Vioolsdrift.

Wherever you are driving from, the roads are good, there are plenty of gas stations en route and the changing landscape makes for a great road trip.